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Retirement Forecast

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Are You on Track to Meet Your Retirement Goals?

Retiring comfortably and confidently requires more than just a savings goal. It requires a thorough understanding of your finances, your income streams during retirement, your taxes, insurance coverage, and more. If you don’t feel completely confident in your ability to meet your retirement goals, we invite you to schedule a complimentary retirement forecast meeting with one of our retirement planning professionals.

In this 30-minute virtual meeting, we’ll review your current savings, contribution rate, and your time horizon until retirement. Then, we’ll provide a personalized estimate of how much income you’ll need in retirement, so you can walk away with a plan for how to reach your retirement goals.

What You Need for Your Meeting

What You Need for Your Meeting

In order to provide a truly personalized retirement forecast, we need to have an understanding of your finances. We ask that you have the following documents with you for your retirement forecast meeting:

  • Your most recent paystub, and knowledge of your spouse’s income (if applicable)
  • Copies of all retirement account and pension statements, and knowledge of spouse’s accounts (if applicable)
  • Completed copy of the Retirement Planning Worksheet

You can download a copy of the Retirement Planning Worksheet for your meeting here.

Then, click the link below to find your financial representative and schedule your retirement forecast meeting with a retirement planning professional from Lincoln Financial Advisors.

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