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Ryan Walls

Ryan Walls

Financial Planner

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Ryan Walls, Financial Planner

Ryan’s interest in finances began at just five years old, when his grandfather gave him a book about the stock market. Though some might find this a strange gift for such a young child, Ryan loved it, and retained an interest in the stock market from then on. He greatly admired his grandfather, who was a financial planner, and wanted to pursue a career in finance just as he had done.

Ryan attended San Diego State University and received his BA in Finance before entering the financial industry. He worked for a few years as a paraplanner, and with his lifelong interest in the stock market, made investment management his specialty. Though he loves helping to manage his clients’ assets, he is truly passionate about building relationships with his clients and giving them the best possible chance at achieving financial stability.

Born and raised here in San Diego, Ryan now lives just 20 minutes from downtown, where he can enjoy all that his hometown has to offer. He’s an avid sports fan, and is especially enthusiastic about rugby. He played for the San Diego Legion for a time, and loves cheering on the New Zealand All Blacks, Tottenham Hotspur, and of course the Padres.

To begin planning to meet your goals, contact Ryan at (619) 543-9995.